Pam Shank Watercolor Portraits

About the portrait process:

Artist Pam Shank works from an assortment of photographs she takes with the client, to capture natural expressions and gestures in the appropriate setting. Puppets and other props are used if needed while photographing young children.

A successful portrait must be an excellent likeness of the subject, painted within a beautiful composition. Pam Shank works with each client to capture the desired portrayal of each subject. The client is always consulted toward the end of the process, to have final input on the finishing touches.

The figures in the portraits are just slightly smaller than life size, so that the images appear as realistic as possible. A  three-quarter length child's portrait will be approximately 22x30", whereas an adult is 24X36" or larger. Multiple subjects add to the size of the painting, depending on the composition.

A watercolor portrait may be produced in 4-6 weeks. Special deadlines will be gladly accommodated if possible.

Framing suggestions are given if desired.

  Watercolor Portrait Prices
Cameo ................................1000-1200
Head and Shoulders ...........1100-1400
Three-quarter length ....... ...2000-2400
Full-length ...........................2600-3000

Oil Portrait Prices 
Oil portraits are priced between $2000- 6000
depending on size and complexity. 
Oil portrait  examples are shown below. 

Actual price will depend on size, age of subject and complexity.
An additional 2/3 price will be added for each additional person within the same portrait.
Pets may be added at an additional charge.

A deposit of one-half is expected at the beginning of the process when the photographs are taken, and the balance is due upon completion and satisfaction.
Sales tax will be added within NC.
Payment plans are available.

*Interested in a watercolor from
your own photographs, or at a
lower price point than a
life-sized portrait?
Check out the "Vignettes" page.
Portraits in Oil

Painted on canvas using photographs made by the artist, or from your professional photograph archives. 
Rich color, traditional heirloom quality. 

24x30" Oil Portrait
​from Artist's photos